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08 July 2024

Imagine a life of palaces, crowns, and endless ceremonies — would you want to be royalty? For many, the idea of being royalty is fascinating. However, not everyone sees royalty as a fairy tale. The weight of responsibility and the scrutiny of the public eye can be daunting. In today’s world, royalty isn’t just about luxury and privilege. What about you? Would you like to be royalty? Why or why not? Share your thoughts with us!

No, because I believe being royalty today is very different from what it was in the past. Back then, there were responsibilities and rules, but they weren’t as intense as they are now. Nowadays, being royalty is challenging not only because of the responsibilities but also because of the political landscape. The political world is incredibly dangerous, and being royalty means living in luxury while also losing a part of yourself. You’re no longer free to be who you are; you constantly have to think about how the world perceives you. Tshepo Shuping, Rustenburg 
Yes, imagine having someone to cook for you, make coffee for you, and provide you with designer clothes. All the mundane tasks in life would be taken care of. While there would be responsibilities, they would be meaningful and impactful on a global scale. Moreover, you wouldn’t have to bear these responsibilities alone, as you would have advisors to assist you. Jessica Lovemore, Rustenburg 

Would you like to be royalty? Why or why not?
NO: 98% YES: 2%

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