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13 May 2024

Rustenburg – The ROLYN Bergsig Sport Festival on Wednesday 1 May 2024, featured a main match that will be remembered for a long time as a captivating showdown! Both Bergsig Academy and Rob Ferreira displayed excellent rugby, and the see-saw battle kept spectators on the edge of their seats until the last second! The score seesawed until Bergsig managed to score the winning try in the final seconds. The final score: Bergsig 48 - Rob Ferreira 43. Bergsig proudly bids farewell to all the participating schools’ teams, thanking them for being part of this year’s festival with outstanding sportsmanship and fantastic play.  After a breathtaking sunset match, they would like to thank every player, team, and coach that participated in the 2024 ROLYN Bergsig Sport Festival. 

Visit the ROLYN Bergsig Sport Festival Facebook page for all the action pics, scores, players of the matches, team pics, and much more!

Main Photo: Bergsig Academy bracing forward for a try! Photo credit: Marius Nortje

Bergsig Academy scored a beautiful try. Photo credit: Marius Nortje


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