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13 May 2024

The idea of a longer weekend may seem attractive, but how practical is it? Various businesses and countries have experimented with this concept, noting both benefits and disadvantages. However, will the economy thrive under such a system? What is your opinion? 

No, implementing a shorter workweek could potentially reduce work hours, leading to decreased income for hourly workers. While this approach might be suitable for certain sectors, it seems impractical for industries such as construction. In construction, a shorter workweek could adversely affect project schedules and employee earnings.
Marthinus Groenewald
Yes, I believe the South African government should adopt a four-day workweek. This change could lead to significant cost savings for individuals. For example, instead of spending money on petrol for a five or six-day workweek, employees could save. This saved money could then be allocated to other expenses.
Ongkgaugetse Phantsi

Should South Africa consider implementing a four-day workweek?
NO: 83%
YES: 17%

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