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06 May 2024

Rustenburg – Every morning, navigating the hillside behind the mall along Waterberg Avenue can be a challenging task, especially avoiding the rush hour when the N4 becomes congested with impatient drivers. To avoid this chaos, I choose the less-travelled route, Waterberg Avenue, a slower but more “polite” path. However, this journey poses a significant concern of its own.

As I travel up the hillside on my way to work every morning, I must carefully manoeuvre to avoid pedestrians walking along the road. These individuals, many of whom cannot afford taxis, brave this challenging journey daily before even beginning their workday. It is our responsibility as drivers to be mindful of their presence.

The overgrown grass along the road’s edge forces pedestrians onto the narrow road, creating a risky situation for both them and motorists. The tall grass obstructs their path, leaving them no choice but to walk as close to the edge as possible. This dangerous situation increases the likelihood of accidents. A simple misstep could lead to a devastating outcome.

To address this pressing issue, Platinum Weekly is calling on the community to join us in clearing the grass along the walkway next to Waterberg Avenue. By creating a safe passage, we can ensure the safety of those who rely on this route daily.

If you wish to contribute, please contact us on 072 017 0321. Whether you can offer your time, sponsor water, or lend equipment such as a bakkie or weed eater, any contribution is valuable. Let’s come together as a community and make a difference. 

You don’t need to be a politician to bring about positive change in our town. Let’s roll up our sleeves and make a difference.

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