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29 April 2024

PS: For all intents and purposes, we will keep certain individuals, groups, or entities nameless, because we don’t want the wrong kind of trouble from the wrong kind of people. But just to keep you in the loop:

Rustenburg – “Mom! It’s a man with a huge gun! Can I touch it?” YES… That’s how my Tuesday morning began on 23 April 2024, as I dropped my son off at primary school! 

Several community members have reported that the Red Ants are forcibly evicting people from their homes in Rustenburg. Apparently, the Red Ants received eviction orders from a bank (which shall remain unnamed), who had a court mandate to evict illegal squatters from several mining houses (again, no names given).

But here’s the twist…
Most of the evictees we interviewed were actually paying rent — a baffling situation, indeed. We received a tip-off about a group, let’s call them Group X, composed of influential locals. They were aware of empty mining houses and renting them out, pocketing the money. This is general knowledge among several groups of people and is often discussed in the aisles.

Now, as many are thrown into the streets, Group X is reportedly smirking all the way to the bank, snug in their homes with winter on our doorsteps.

And the same boy who was thrilled at the sight of guns in the morning? He looked up at his mom (who preferred to remain anonymous) and asked, “Mom, why are there toys on the street?” His confusion was intense as he sensed that something was wrong.

Indeed… people and their children were evicted, while the real perpetrators are untouched. 

Who are the Red Ant Security Relocation & Eviction Services?

They are typically dressed in red and heavily armed, arriving in masses to carry out evictions when they possess all the necessary legal documents. This is South Africa, and yes, this kind of service is seemingly a necessary evil here.

During this operation, the Red Ants were accompanied by the Police. We reached out to the Red Ants, the police, the sheriff of the court, and the local municipality, but received no feedback by the time of going to print.

As far as we know, the Red Ants targeted several homes near a primary and secondary school in Bo-Dorp, close to the Civic Centre, as well as on Rex Road on the 23rd and 24th of April 2024. (to mention but a few… they were busy ants!) 

One renter’s daughter told us, “I just received a message from my sister saying that I need to pack. I didn’t know this would happen.” Her sister, in tears, was beside her, frantically searching for her parents after the Red Ants had scoured their house, leaving their belongings on the side of the road.

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