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08 April 2024

As petrol prices are skyrocketing again, and our electric car dreams get short-circuited thanks to our “reliable” electricity supply, some people think it’s a bright idea to whip up their own petrol at home. Should DIY fuel be the next big hit, legal and all? Because, obviously, what could go wrong with mixing up a batch of fuel in your backyard? So, with petrol prices making us cry every month, here’s a thought: Should making your own petrol be okay? What about safety? If you’re smart, it’s very possible to create your own petrol, diesel, and even biodiesel. But… Let’s hear it: Are you team “Let’s make our own fuel” or team “Wait, that sounds explosive”? Here’s how you can participate. 
Email us at or WhatsApp your response to 081 579 7000. 

Include the following:

  • Your answer: Yes or No
  • Why? We want to hear from you!    
  • A recent photo – We’d love to publish your pic alongside your answer!
  • Your town/city 
  • Deadline – Be sure to send your response before 12:00 on Monday, 8 April 2024.

Vote results: The outcome of the poll will be featured in our next issue. Be a part of our community’s story! P.S.: Don’t forget, you can also voice your opinion on our Facebook post about this topic. Join the conversation!

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