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02 April 2024

Rustenburg – A new drug and substance treatment centre opened its doors in Rustenburg. The centre, known as Narconon, offers drug-free withdrawal, new-life detoxification and goes above and beyond by offering life skills development, social and spiritual support and extensive aftercare to those who have struggled with addiction.

The opening of this new substance abuse rehabilitation centre, in January 2024, brings hope to the many plagued by the deadly effects of drug dependency and abuse.

The grand opening of the new Narconon – which means No Narcotics – in Rustenburg, was celebrated by more than 1,600 guests and dignitaries, including members of the North West local government, Department of Education, Department of Health, Department of Social Development, BRICS representatives, religious leaders, and local celebrities.

This one-of-a-kind centre pushes beyond the ordinary rehabilitation process. In addition to ridding the user of the residues of drugs and urges, the treatment centre also has skills development classes that empower the former users to cope with life on the outside once they graduate. They are provided with practical tools that address the source of their drug use and how to overcome the trigger points in their environment. 

Drug consumption in South Africa is twice the world norm with 15% of South Africa’s population suffering from direct abuse. According to SAPS figures, 60% of crimes nationally are related to substance abuse. South Africa has been dubbed as one of the drug capitals of the world by the United Nations. Opening this Narconon centre in Rustenburg is one of the many steps needed to alleviate this life threating issue in our country.

The CEO of SASSA, Busisiwe Totsie Memela, one of the guest speakers, was overjoyed with tears as she detailed her first-hand encounter with the violent consequences of drugs in her address to the guests present. She said: “I am passionate about effective workable solutions to combat drug addiction. I have seen first-hand what drugs do to a family unit and I don’t want any family to experience that ever. This centre represents hope to families out there struggling with this nationwide pandemic.”

Thamsanqa Maqubela, the founder and CEO of the South African Council of Graduates also addressed the crowd and said, “It is up to us to work together to create a better future for our country. Drugs are a big problem in society, and it is an honour to be part of this opening that is a direct declaration of war against this enemy that is destroying our country”.

The facility sits on over 200 hectares of game land with an impressive collection of over 200 different animals ranging from giraffes to zebras. It aims to cater for the entire continent and even comes equipped with training facilities for other rehabs who are interested in adopting the workable methods of Narconon.

The programme is a global leader in drug and alcohol rehabilitation due to its heavy attention on social and spiritual support, skills development and aftercare. For over 50 years, the Narconon programme has offered a drug-free method to recovery effectively. The programme not only addresses the mental and physical destruction brought about by drug abuse; it also addresses the reasons why an individual turned to drugs in the first place. Tens of thousands of Narconon programme graduates globally have gone on to lead drug-free, productive lives. 
Narconon press release extracts 

Bishop Thabo Mapela, the Deputy President of the South African Christian Ministers Council also stated, “Yes, Narconon will reverse the spiritual decline and drug abuse in society. It gives people their spirituality and their belief in God back and it will bring back Ubuntu. We need to be our brother’s keepers. What is important is that we heal the world, and this is one of the ways we can do it.”

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Main Photo: Guests attending the Narconon grand opening. 

The Narconon facility sits on over 200 hectares of game land with an impressive collection of over 200 different animals ranging from giraffes to zebras.


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