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22 March 2024

Rustenburg – We mourn the loss of Cornelius Llewellyn van der Nest, affectionately known as Oom Lew, the beloved founder of Learn Fast Driving School. 

His passing on Friday 15 March 2024 has left our community bereft of a true legend whose impact on the lives of countless people will be remembered. Born on 18 March 1953, Oom Lew dedicated his life to teaching thousands of young individuals the importance of safe driving and the pride that comes with it.

Oom Lew’s funeral is scheduled for Tuesday 2 April 2024, at the Nederduits Hervormde Church in Manuka Avenue, Geelhoutpark, at 10:00, where we will bid him a final farewell. He leaves behind a daughter and three grandchildren, along with a community that admired and respected him deeply.
His life partner of 23 years, Ina Rosslee, reflects on the immense love and admiration the community held for Llewellyn. She shared, “He was truly remarkable, a true legend. His ability to connect with people, his extensive involvement in community initiatives, and his dedication to serve made him a beloved figure to many.”

Having made Rustenburg his home since 1975, Llewellyn witnessed and contributed to the town’s growth from a town to a bustling city. His commitment to safety and education on the road has left a permanent mark on the community.

Karin Potgieter, headmaster of Bergsig Academy, praises Oom Lew’s gentleness and generosity, noting his passion for his work went beyond teaching driving skills — it was about nurturing and guiding the youth. “He was the most gentle person I knew, with a beautiful, open heart. He helped hundreds, if not thousands, pass their learners and driving licenses, making a significant difference in their lives,” says Potgieter.

Though Oom Lew is no longer with us, Learn Fast Driving School continues to thrive under the guidance of Ina Rosslee, his dedicated partner and co-pilot in all endeavours. The school stands as a testament to Oom Lew’s legacy, embodying his spirit of kindness, dedication, and community service.
As we reflect on the life of Cornelius Llewellyn van der Nest, let us honour his memory by embodying the values he lived by: compassion, service, and a commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of others. Goodbye, Oom Lew — you will be dearly missed but not forgotten.

Photo: The late Cornelius Llewellyn van der Nest.

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