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12 February 2024

Rustenburg – In the wake of a horrific vehicle accident on the N4 near Rustenburg on 12 May 2023, the community was plunged into despair, particularly the family of young Kevin Jansen van Vuuren. Kevin, tragically involved in the accident which saw their vehicle overturn multiple times, faced uncertain prospects after the driver was lost and he was left with severe injuries.

For the Jansen van Vuuren family, the subsequent weeks evolved into an exhaustive period of surgeries, hospital waits, and relentless prayers, clinging to the hope of Kevin’s recovery. The news that Kevin had stabilised brought a glimmer of hope amidst their anguish, marking the commencement of a difficult and expensive path to recovery. 

When Good Morning Angels became aware of the situation they assisted his family with R70,000 to help with his journey to recovery in January this year. 

The crash, which deeply affected the Rustenburg community, left Kevin with critical injuries. He was one of three boys in the accident; one tragically died at the scene, while another suffered minor injuries. Kevin’s journey since then has been one of resilience and gradual improvement. According to his mother, Aurelia, Kevin has endured numerous hospital stays and rehabilitation in a Pretoria facility, showing significant progress. Just before Christmas, Kevin returned home for the first time, a milestone that catalysed a notable improvement in his health.

In the past three weeks, Kevin has shown remarkable strides in his recovery. He has regained some movement in his left leg and arm, begun to suckle — a vital step towards eating independently — and has relearned to communicate, this time with a whistle, bringing laughter back into his life. His interaction with his family, including his twin brother and younger sibling, as well as friends, has been pivotal in his recovery.

“Kevin is fully committed to his recovery, demonstrating an incredible will to overcome his challenges daily. His determination and progress inspire us all,” Aurelia shared proudly with us this week. 
Despite lacking medical aid, Kevin’s family has managed the medical expenses through donations and fundraising efforts. However, as funds dwindle, the need for further support becomes critical to maintain the momentum of Kevin’s recovery, which includes ongoing therapies that have begun to show promising results.

Kevin’s journey ahead remains challenging, with milestones such as relearning to walk, talk, eat independently, and regain movement in his right side. His dietary preferences have slowly started to include his favourite foods, even as he continues to receive nutrition through his stomach. Aurelia notes, “He communicates yes or no by nodding, clearly understanding conversations. We are immensely proud of him.”

The family’s gratitude extends to the divine for Kevin’s progress and to their community for the overwhelming support and love received. The collective spirit of Rustenburg has been a source of strength, manifesting in heartfelt messages and prayers across social media.

The story of Kevin Jansen van Vuuren is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of community support in the face of adversity. As Rustenburg stands united in support of Kevin and his family, their journey reminds us of the strength found in hope and perseverance.

Photo: Kevin Jansen van Vuuren

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