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13 October 2023

Rustenburg - For many years, Charmaine and Mervin Coetzee at 1 A Loerie Street were the source of the neighbourhood’s Christmas sparkle. Their home, adorned with meticulously painted bulbs and intricately wired lights, drew crowds from near and far every festive season. However, this Yuletide, a shadow of gloom replaces the usual brilliant spectacle.

In the previous festive season, thieves descended upon this sanctuary of Christmas joy. “It was on the second night when we noticed some lights were missing,” recalls Charmaine. By the dawn of 30 December 2022, a heartbreaking scene unveiled. Lights severed, cherished decorations vandalised, and the two beloved snowmen stolen.

The stolen décor was partly recovered at a nearby preschool, leading to the brief arrest of the culprits. However, the damage was done. Every piece, crafted with immense dedication by the Coetzees, told a story of Christmas past and embodied the spirit of the season. The theft not only dimmed the lights but also the hearts of those who found joy in this annual display.

“It will take about two years to recover,” said Charmaine, her voice echoing the sadness of a tradition interrupted. The neighbourhood too will feel the absence of the enchanting display that turned 1 A Loerie Street into a beacon of Christmas cheer.

But hope, as intrinsic to Christmas as the lights themselves, is not lost. The Coetzees vow to return, brighter and more splendid, for the 2024 Christmas season. 

Photo: The stolen snowmen.  

1 A Loerie Street was the source of the neighbourhood’s Christmas sparkle


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