Headline News
26 April 2021

Rustenburg – Thousands of chickens died on the N4 on 21 April before they reached the kill blade. In fact, according to an anonymous farmer, these deaths are considered ‘part of doing business’. 
Chickens also die like flies due to unnatural growth, harsh living conditions, sudden death syndrome, and death during transport. The poultry business is unforgiving – even in the care of the most compassionate farmer. 
The truck which transported the chickens in large containers overturned shortly after entering the N4 from the R24 off-ramp. Training inspector at National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) in Rustenburg Gena Labuschagne spoke to Platinum Weekly about the accident which occurred at around 14:00. “The truck carried about 11,000 chickens and the number of birds that died ran into the thousands,” Labuschagne said.
The accident caused heavy traffic delays as police and public safety personnel worked tirelessly to contain the situation. Group corporate affairs director at RCL Foods, Stephen Heath, expressed his concern about the accident. “An investigation is underway and details about the accident will be made available when that process has been completed.”   

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