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20 November 2020

Rustenburg – Keen Rustenburg gardeners may have noticed that the delicious monster (Monstera deliciosa) is in flower. The plant occurs naturally in the tropical jungles of central America from southern Mexico to Panama. It is not an invasive alien plant in South Africa.

Close inspection of the flower reveals that this species is a close relative of the arum lily. The unisexual flowers are arranged on a column with female flowers near the bottom and male flowers in the upper portion of the inflorescence. Stingless bees are attracted to the gums produced by the flowers which are used for food and nest building. The plant is a common indoor office plant in South Africa and worldwide leaves are used as cut foliage for flower arrangements.

Eye patterns on the stalk of the delicious monster show where leaves where attached.
The delicious monster flowering.The delicious monster flowering.
A cross-section of the delicious monster flower.


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