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18 September 2020

Rustenburg – A concerned community member recently took to social media to express her disdain for a dog owner who dumped his dead dog next to the road. This is a horrific act that will traumatise any animal lover… but what are the alternatives to dumping your dead pet next to the road?

Platinum Weekly spoke to Rustenburg Local Municipality spokesperson David Magae to find out what the city’s rules and regulations are with regards to discarding the remains of your pet. “You can dispose of your pet at the landfill site. If you want to dispose of five or more animals at once, you have to make arrangements with the municipality and it must be authorised. Big animals such a dead donkey or cow cannot be disposed of at the landfill site without pre-arrangement,” David said.

David added that even with small animals, you must make arrangements in the interest of health and environmental issues. He also noted that dead animals from animal clinics cannot be disposed of on-site, but only at Holfontein Hazardous site in Gauteng – where they are cremated.

Rustenburg Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) manager André Eloff said that should you be in a predicament concerning the disposal of a dead animal, owners can contact the SPCA who will advise and assist if possible. However, there might be costs involved to cover the cremation of animals.

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