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18 September 2020

Rustenburg - It's been almost a year since Mrs Lamar Winter officially became the principal of Rustenburg Skool vir Buitengewone Onderwys and many new projects are well on their way.

The food tunnel is not only helping to provide organic vegetables to the school community, it is also a place where children learn about growing vegetables and herbs and using red wriggler earthworms to nourish the soil. The raised boxes allow learners in wheelchairs to easily plant seedlings and remove weeds. The youngsters enjoy working in the garden and have great pleasure in reaping the fruits of their labour.

Due to COVID-19, the school can only host one fundraiser this year and decided to not only raise funds, but to also raise awareness about foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) on Thursday 15 October. They will distribute leaflets, posters, and wear their awareness stickers and funky socks. Show your support by purchasing a sticker and flaunting your funky socks.

According to the World Health Organization, the prevalence of FAS in South Africa is the highest in the world. The damage caused by consuming alcohol while pregnant is permanent, irreversible, and preventable - so help to spread the word.

For more information contact Rustenburg Skool vir Buitengewone Onderwys on 014 597 0491 or

Rustenburg Skool vir Buitengewone Onderwys learners tending to the vegetable garden.
Shaun Kok - is doing his duties in the garden by watering the garden.
Megan Botha watering the tomatoes.
Perdro Venter tending to the spinach.

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