Headline News
14 February 2020

Rustenburg – In the early hours of Saturday 8 February, another Rustenburg resident was shot.

According to police spokesperson captain Elsabé Augoustides three men broke into the house next door of the victim (in Safari Gardens) when one of the residents of the house woke up. The attackers fled the scene.

The victim was in the wrong place at the wrong time. “The victim who noticed that he forgot the family’s budgie outside went outside to bring it in. When he returned, he saw a man standing in the living room,” she said.

Presumably, the attackers saw that the neighbour’s door was open and went inside to hide.
The attacker fired at the victim but missed with the first shot. He fired a second time as he was fleeing and shot the victim in the stomach.

The victim, a father of three, was rushed to hospital where he is currently recovering. This attack came only two days after a 55-year old man was shot in his house, less than 5km from the second victims’ residence.

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