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13 January 2022

Stop making excuses for not living your life to the fullest. Even though the road is not always easy, move forward and appreciate the gift of life.

No matter your current circumstances or your financial well-being, you can still laugh until it hurts, lose yourself in a passionate kiss or get goosebumps in awe of a beautiful sunset.   

From a young age we instinctively realise that we can do something better if we try and we give it another go. And as you get older you realise that you have choices to make. Why leave it up to other people to decide about your passion and joy?

Refuse to be dragged down, and if you had a bad day and ended up sobbing on the couch, dust yourself down and try again. Never give up on the gift of life.

If you are overworked or stressed, take a few minutes and find your inner peace. Don’t get trapped in the rat race. Your attitude and emotions influence your health and your quality of life. Let people who wear you down with their constant negativity, get out of the way. 

Don’t get stuck on the negativities of the world, it will always be there and are sure to increase. Be the master of your own destiny and make time to enjoy the things you love, be it music, fast cars or long walks on the beach. Life is always more worth the while if you share it with others. Share quality time with your loved ones and be part of your community. 

We wish all our readers a prosperous, healthy and happy new year.
Platinum Weekly team 

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