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13 January 2022

Mogwase – A 41-year-old man accused of assaulting and strangling his wife with a rope and then pouring petrol on her before raping her, appeared before the Mogwase Magistrates’ Court for a third time on Monday 10 January. Oupa Nkele faces charges of assault with grievous bodily harm and rape.

Nkele is expected back in the same court on Monday 17 January after his Legal Aid attorney requested a postponement to consult with him. 

NPA spokesperson Henry Mamothame said the state has established that the accused collected his wife from her parents’ home on 29 December after she had agreed to meet with him to discuss urgent personal matters.

“He then drove towards a local mall but changed direction and went to their house in Lerome village near Mogwase,” Mamothame said. 

“An argument reportedly ensued after the pair arrived at their home. Nkele allegedly assaulted and strangled his wife with a rope, doused her with petrol before eventually raping her. He then allegedly forced her into his car and drove off. His wife managed to unlock her car door and jumped from the moving vehicle to escape from him,” he added.

Mamothame said the woman received assistance from a concerned member of the community who accompanied her to the police station to lay charges.  Nkele was arrested the following day.


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