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30 November 2021

Taung – The generosity of Shoprite customers in the Free State resulted in 200 learners in Taung, North West, each receiving a new pair of school shoes. 

The funds were raised via shopper donations to Shoprite’s Act For Change Fund till-point donation facility, and beneficiary organisation Meals on Wheels identified a need at the Thuso Primary School. 

Shoprite ensured that each learner received a kit containing their school shoes, as well as polish, a shoe brush and a snack pack. The supermarket chain also donated two microwaves, two kettles, crockery as well as various gardening tools to the school. 

Grocery items including 10kg bags of samp, rice, maize meal, flour and sugar were donated by Meals on Wheels, while the Shoprite Mobile Soup Kitchen was also on hand to serve the school’s learners with a nutritious meal. 

Shoprite press release extracts, 24  November


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