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30 November 2021

SA – All crime must be reported! If a crime was committed on your property, YOU MUST open a case.

When crimes are not reported, the fight against crime is already lost – regardless of whether the cops follow up. It is your responsibility and as a citizen, your moral duty.

You cannot blame the police for their service, or lack thereof, if you’re not going to report cases. Also, you can’t follow up on anything if a case has not been opened. This information is used to compile the crime statistics and if you don’t report cases, the statistics won’t reflect the correct information.

Reported cases are the crux of fighting crime in an area. The more cases that are reported in a particular area, the more police members are deployed in that area. In other words, if there is too little manpower in a particular area, it is because people do not report or open cases.

There have been reported instances where police have refused to assist complainants to op criminal dockets. If this happens to you, you can report it at the South African Police Services National Complaint Centre. 

National Crime Assist (NCA) would like to reiterate the importance of opening a case. The case needs to be opened by the owner of the property so that there is a record of the person that has been apprehended. 

Even if there is nothing that you can charge the perp with, in the case if he has not been found with stolen property… his details will still be on file – helping the next case should his name appear. This gives authorities legal backing if the person is caught again. This is being pro-active regarding the fight against crime. 

It also makes the hard work and effort from crimefighters worth the while. 


  • NCA response members work pro-bono assisting in case of emergencies, and often crime related instances. Can you imagine the disappointment when a suspect was caught, only to be released because the prosecutor decided not to open a case? They do their duty, please do yours.

Why are statistics or record keeping of crime important? 
When looking at modus operandi, cases could possibly be linked. When a specific crime is intensified in a particular area, residents can be warned, and vigilance will increase. Patterns can be picked up, problem areas can be identified – promoting pro-active crime combatting.

Dog poisoning
If suspects who poisons dogs are identified, a case should be opened at the police against the suspects. If there are no suspects to be linked to the poisoning, insist that the police write the poisoning incident in the incidents book. 

You can also ask that they give you a reference number. The police occurrence book (OB) or the incidents book is read through and signed off by the station commissioner every day. 

Don’t waste the system’s time and money
It is a serious matter if you are going to lay a complaint against someone and open a case. It’s not something you can use as extortion against someone.

It sometimes happens that people open cases and then retract the case after a week or two. You are wasting the system’s time and money. It’s a huge amount of administrative work and in the meantime, there are important matters that could have been addressed.

Information provided by NCA


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