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25 November 2021

I stay in Geelhoutpark and lately, our struggle with water supply interruptions has gone from bad to worse. We either have no water pressure or no water at all! How is anyone supposed to live like this?

Every time we report it, they have a different excuse. We rarely get any notifications and sometimes we get the notices after the water has been repaired. When we report it, we are ignored.

After enquiry after enquiry, I was told that Magalieswater is not supplying the right quota of water to the area. Apparently when the industrial area’s water level is low, the pump to Geelhoutpark is turned off to get their levels up again… there is a lot of politics involved that can take years to resolve but, in the meantime, we have to suffer.

We live in a modern age where you can share information with millions of people with just a click. Can’t they just sent out a notification when they plan to turn off the pump so that residents can know to use water more sparingly and not wash their driveways when we know a water shortage is coming?
Dried Out


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