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25 November 2021

They broke into my house on Thursday 11 November. I live in Rustenburg Noord. 

The next morning when I left for work, I saw a vehicle with five people in front of my house. I found them suspicious. I thought it better not to confront them. 

Our house is like a commune. I was worried. One of the ladies were still home, with the guys sitting outside watching the house. A colleague of mine advised that I contact the Tlhabane Community Policing Forum (CPF).

I spoke to the chairperson Israel Maimane and explained my situation to him. He said that he would go and have a look. Within minutes I was informed that he was at the house and the suspect vehicle took off. Maimane also said that they will patrol in the area over the weekend for in case the guys decided to return. 

I would really like to commend him for his extremely swift reaction. What they are doing for our community is great and I can sleep a little better knowing that they keep watch.

A Grateful Citizen


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