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25 November 2021

SA – In a national study commissioned by the British American Tabaco South Africa (BATSA) published on 5 November, research was carried out into the cheapest purchase prices in the tobacco cigarette market. The study took place from 8 October to 3 November. 

Researchers were briefed to ask the following question: “I want to by the cheapest 20 pack available”, and/or “I want to buy the cheapest carton available”. No price negotiations were allowed.

  • The cheapest pack purchased was R8.00 and was purchased in Gauteng Wholesale. The R10.00 price point was prevalent in Western Cape, Free State, and Gauteng Provinces, with the Wholesale, Spaza, Tabletop/ Hawker channels where it was most prevalent. 
  • The foreign brand, Remington Gold (owned by or licensed to GLTC Zimbabwe) is the most widely accessible brand at the cheapest price point, at 59% selling below R21.60 and a purchase universe of 441 stores out of 748 stores. 
  • Pine (owned by or licensed to KTNG), had a higher incidence of R21.60 and below, although off a lower base, when in comparison to Remington Gold. 
  • Pall Mall (owned by or licensed to BAT) has a high prevalence in sample stores, however the brand is not sold at the cheapest price points. 
  • New brands, not purchased in the previous studies in 2021 and new to the cheapest prices purchase list, include Liberty (R18.00), Roxbury (R10.00 and R15.00), Chief (R10.00 to R18.00), Ecco Nano (R18.000), and GMB (R10.00).

The cheapest carton purchased was R70.00 in Gauteng, within a wholesale trader. Isn’t that interesting… 
Visit to access the full study results.  


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