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03 November 2021

Koster/ Swartruggens – Being fed up with bad service delivery, Koster and Swartruggens residents approached the courts at the end of 2020.

The court eventually granted them the power to take over the management of the Kgetlengrivier Local Municipality’s (KLM) water services on Thursday 7 January. 

In an attempt to make sure that those who failed the residents are being held accountable, KLM’s municipal manager was ordered to file a report at court within the set time frame or else find himself imprisoned for 90 days. Before long, they were back in court and after a back-and-forth, the water services were handed back to KLM on 18 March. 

A lot has happened since then and poor service delivery is back to normal under the court granted management of KLM.

The parties will be heading back to court on 12 November for the municipal manager’s leave to appeal with advocate Gerrie Nel in the residents’ corner driving the matter.

Water systems being cleaned, while community residents were in control of the water services.


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