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03 November 2021

Rustenburg – Police in Rustenburg have warned the community against taking valuable items with them when going shopping as they could fall victim to criminals targeting shoppers at malls and busy complexes.  

The warning comes as we approach the festive season, which usually sees a rise in robbery incidents involving cellphones, laptops and handbags. 

Rustenburg police spokesperson captain Elsabe Augoustides reminded shoppers to consider leaving their valuables at home.

     “If you have to take valuables with you, rather put them inside your handbag and do not wait until you are at the shops before you put them in your boot because criminals could be watching your movements from a distance,” Augoustides said.

“If you must take valuables like a laptop with you, then rather place them in the boot of a car before arriving at your destination.”

She also warned motorists to avoid falling victim to remote jamming by making certain the doors of their vehicles are locked before they leave their vehicle. 


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