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28 September 2021

Rustenburg – In a medical emergency, when a person is critically injured, that person might have less than 60 minutes for any chance of survival – this if often referred to as the “golden hour”.

What this really means is getting the right kind of medical attention for the patient as soon as possible. The sooner a person with a critical injury or medical condition is attended to by trained emergency medical services personnel, the better their chances of survival.

How you respond in those 60 minutes is also vital and communication is key. Firstly, emergency medical services must be called immediately for the best possible outcome and that is why emergency numbers should always be close-by. Various emergency numbers are published in Platinum Weekly, cut it out and place them somewhere where the whole family can see it. 

Save it on your cellphone. Make sure you equip children with the knowledge of what to do should an emergency arise so that if the patient is a parent, they will know who to phone. Whoever makes the phone call must give the dispatcher an accurate location of where help is needed. Knowing the physical address and surrounding areas can help paramedics find the location quicker. 

Also make sure that there is a phone number that can be given to the dispatcher to phone back if the call is interrupted. 

Stay on the line for instructions or directions of what you can do to keep the person alive until responders arrive. 

Having the necessary skills like first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) can prove invaluable to help keep someone alive until help arrives. Stay calm, be informed and make that golden hour count! 

Trauma Rescue basic life support practitioner Molefe Cele (left) and operational intermediate practitioner Freddy Sithole know the importance of providing the correct medical care in case of a medical emergency.
Trauma Rescue basic life support practitioner Kgagiso Mapaletsebe is ready to react when called upon.


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