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07 September 2021

Koster – Sometimes the Platinum Weekly has to be the bearer of news that is hard to swallow. Unfortunately, it is often necessary and this is one of those times. 
It is one of the most revolting incidents that the Platinum Weekly has covered. The blood of slaughtered animals, mixed with water is flowing down Gladstone Street in Koster. 
A concerned community member told Platinum Weekly that the blood, which originates from Koster Abattoir has been flowing along the gravel road since January and that it is caused by damaged and blocked underground drainpipes. “Why is Koster always sucking the hind tit? Are we not worthy of proper infrastructure?” he asked.
Ground water are at serious risk of being contaminated. Speaking to an environmental specialist we were told: “To prevent bacteria-laden public health hazards, there are specific regulations that abattoirs have to adhere to. Usually, an abattoir has an effluent pre-treatment plant where a basic screening and removal of fat is done before the effluent is discharged to the local authorities’ drainage system. And it does not come for free. The municipality charges a specific rate to abattoirs doing so. Fat is removed not only for environmental reasons – if not removed, it causes blockages in drain pipes.” Kgetlengrivier Local Municipality spokesperson Sannah Magakgala said that some of their officials visited the abattoir on Thursday 2 September. 
The Platinum Weekly reached out to the North West Department of Economic Development, Environment, Conservation and Tourism whose spokesperson Baabua Thukubi said: “The matter has been referred to the Department of Agriculture as it falls within their mandate.”   
At the time of going to print, the Koster Abattoir has not responded to our questions.        



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