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20 July 2021

Rustenburg – The question on everyone’s lips – are we next? Standing united with SAPS, community safety, security groups and community members, the South African National Taxi Council (SANTACO) joined the fight against the looters.

SANTACO’s slogan ‘The engine behind the nation’ has never been more true. The Bojanala 1 Regional Taxi Council has become the driving force behind the local #NoLooting movement as they geared up to protect our shopping malls.

In an interview with Platinum Weekly, Bojanala 1 Regional Taxi Council spokesperson Bruno Yelane said:

“The hooliganism that is happening throughout the country will not be tolerated in Rustenburg. This is our city and we will protect it. This is our home, our earnings and our lives.

The people working at the malls are our customers, they are the ones riding in our taxis every day and we will not allow them to be inconvenienced by people who have nothing to lose.

We will not allow looters to destroy our city and they will not be riding in our taxis.”

“We are united, and we will be working with the police – it will not be vigilantism – but we will do our part and lend support to local law enforcement,” Bruno added.

A big part of the Rustenburg community also rallied behind this initiative and gave a heartfelt thank you to the Taxi Council for taking this stand.

The full force of the Bojanala 1 Regional Taxi Council is on standby to keep our city safe.
Bojanala 1 Regional Taxi Council spokesperson Bruno Yelane and deputy secretary Thembinkosi Sithole.

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