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20 July 2021

SA – With Covid-19 affecting Mandela Day initiatives for a second year, we must all still do our bit… But options are limited due to the level 4 lockdown. Here are some cool ideas… 

  • Donate cash or food parcels to NGOs or community centres. Sanitise it and drop it off. 
  • Spend 67 minutes virtually… on the phone, WhatsApp, or social media apps, and transfer skills to someone on the other side. Maybe you can help someone with maths? Teach someone to plant a tree, send photos and steps. 
  • Find out from NGOs and community centres what they need – maybe it’s something that will fit you like a glove! 
  • Make snacks for your local old age home. 
  • Help the businesses that were trashed during this senseless, destructive episode. 

Let’s all give our 67 minutes! 
Do you have any cool ideas? 
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