Missing & Wanted
05 July 2021

Rustenburg – There is an ongoing dispute about the legality of a chrome mining operation on land belonging to the Royal Bafokeng Nation (RBN). 
In a statement RBN says:
We are aware of illegal occupation and chrome mining activities by associates of Elias Setuke on land owned by RBN. Certain of the mineral rights are owned by Nuco Chrome. The RBN owns 26% of Nuco and supports Nuco’s plans to develop a chrome mine in compliance with the law.
On 6 May, Nuco applied to the High Court for an interdict to stop the illegal mining and to have those illegally occupying the land evicted.
Setuke and his associates opposed the application for an interdict. 
The court ruled that the illegal mining must stop temporarily. Setuke and his associates were given until 24 June to give the court reasons why the illegal mining and land occupation should not be stopped permanently.
The illegal mining is continuing however, in breach of the court’s ruling. Anyone co-operating with this illegal mining is acting in contempt of court and faces possible imprisonment.
The RBN intends to fully pursue its interests through the legal process so that Nuco can continue with its plans to legally establish a chrome mine. 
Residents are cautioned against signing petitions in support of Setuke in return for promises of land and jobs.

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