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03 July 2021

Rustenburg – Although volunteering can be hard work and take your time, it does not result in payment. 

Volunteers choose to freely give time and labour to assist non-profit organisations and charities in doing vital community service. Some volunteers are specialists in their field, and some like to help bake cookies for a bake-sake. 

Volunteers are also a physical presence to paid staff during an event or visit. They could be an extra pair of arms to carry donations into a foster home, or a voice filled with a purpose to call on businesses for donations. 

A volunteer in return gains life experience which can help combat loneliness, increase mindfulness, or give a CV that extra sentence that makes it stand out from the crowd of indifference. 

Rustenburg SAVF, located at 212A Kruger street, urgently needs volunteers to help them. There are unemployed youth or students waiting for their studies to start in 2021 that can assist those less fortunate than themselves.

Now is the opportunity to step forward and to volunteer to assist social workers and a non-profit community organisation that has been working with the most vulnerable people in the community for more than a century. If you have some extra time, please volunteer! 


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