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18 June 2021

We all have something that we are afraid of but for some, a completely irrational fear can influence their daily lives and cause excessive dread and panic.

Make yourself heard by sending an email to with the following information before 17:00 on Tuesday 22 June: 


  • Yes, I have a phobia, or, 
  • No, I don’t have a phobia. 
  • The reason for your answer.
  • A recent photo of yourself (optional) – that we can publish with your answer.
  • Your contact details.

If you don’t want your answers to be in the newspaper, just reply to the question: YES/ NO. 
The results of the votes will be published in our next issue. 

PS – You can also give your opinion by commenting on our Facebook post.

Another PS – please don’t send a photo of a spider, we still need our editor in the office! 

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