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08 June 2021

Rustenburg/ Mooinooi – The theme for this year’s Youth Day is ‘Youth Power, Growing South Africa Together’. 

Grace Help Centre is a registered place of safety and home to more than 50 youths, who have been unfortunate victims of either abuse or abandonment. The centre is a registered, well-respected, and recognised child and youth-care centre situated in Mooinooi. 

The centre provides access to schooling and health care, nutritious meals, outings to places of interest, and endeavours to develop the talent in each child through activities. Their dedicated social workers and highly supportive staff are passionate about bringing out the best in each child. All of the above is what has made Grace Help Centre stand out and be recognised numerous times for its achievements.

It is only possible to continue reaching out and making a difference daily with support from the community and local businesses. 

  • Warm winter clothing and shoes from new-born to teen girls aged 16 and boys aged 8. 
  • Day-to-day essentials like cleaning supplies.
  • Nappies new-born to size 5.
  • Formula Lactogen 1 and 2.
  • Baby-care essentials.
  • Fruit, vegetables, and snacks.
  • School and pre-school essentials like stationary.

If you are able to make a contribution, you can use it for a Tax Break Section 18A. You can contact centre director Rina van der Berg on 072 348 6526 or 014 574 3476 or send an email to


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