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07 June 2021

Kroondal – The North West Department of Education is concerned with the vandalism of the Tirelong Secondary School in Kroondal and has urged members living in the Ikemeleng informal settlement to identify and stop the bad apples responsible for the crimes.  
On Wednesday 3 June, certain community members burnt tyres and barricaded the road which passes through the informal settlement during a protest to push for improved learning conditions at the school. 
Police and personnel from the North West Traffic Department had to divert traffic and close off the road during the protest. Protestors complained about water and electricity shortages at the school, creating a poor learning environment.
However, spokesperson for the North West Department of Education Elias Malindi blamed some of the community members for repeatedly breaking into the school at night, vandalising the infrastructure, and stealing school property. He expressed his concern that learners are the ones bearing the brunt of the vandalism. 

Ikemeleng informal settlement community members have been accused of vandalising a secondary school in the area. 


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