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07 June 2021

Rustenburg – I’m glad to see people getting their wheels clamped if they park in a disabled parking. Just last week I witnessed such an incident at one of our local malls. 
A man parked in a disabled parking, clearly not disabled, and was subsequently clamped. When he got to his car, he had to pay R200 to get unclamped. The disabled signs were clearly visible. 
He saw red, loudly voiced that he will unquestionably not pay the R200 and made a scene. He is a public prosecutor driving in a fancy car. The security official had to contact his manager to assist. 
“I have the right to dispute this R200 fine – and that counts for any fine. And you have to take into consideration mitigating circumstances,” I heard him say. When asked what his dire situation was, he replied: “I am here for a hearing.”
Wow! Mr Important. 
So, in short, what I could understand from this audacious man, was that the security guys needed to hire a lawyer to fight a lawsuit that the man was going to open – if they made him pay the R200… and to top it all off, the security guys kept their cool. 
I mean… yes… you can dispute anything in the world. But what about respect? And basic human dignity? 
I hope you read this letter. I hope you feel ashamed and act better next time. You are a public prosecutor and should be an example to society. 

Eyewitness to Idiot Driver 

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