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30 April 2021

NW – Winning the North West School of Design model of the year award for 2020 is among Hazel Moremedi’s most notable achievements. The accolade has given her the confidence she believes will put her in good stead as her stock in the fashion world continues to rise. 
The 23-year old model was handed the tittle in November last year by the famed school, which boasts the likes of Gert Johan Coetzee, Anél Botha and Prudence Kau among its prominent alumni. 
Now with seven titles to her name, Hazel is determined to continue excelling and making a name for herself in a career that has seen her grow from strength to strength within a relatively short time. 
This ambitious model, who also works as a cashier and is studying towards a psychology degree at the University of South Africa (UNISA) is clearly capable of juggling a lot of balls at once!

Hazel Moremedi won the North West School of Design model of the year award.  


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