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12 April 2021

Rustenburg – In just one of several incidents over the past few weeks, two people were attacked in broad daylight in the hustling Rustenburg central business district (CBD) on Wednesday 7 April.
Jan Erasmus was on his way to the post office with a friend Sanet Odendaal. They did not even have a chance to get out of their car when they were approached by a gang of seven. Three of the assailants went to the driver’s side, three to the passenger side, while one waited behind the vehicle. They were trapped like a butterfly in a spider’s web! 
Simultaneously, the gangsters forced both front doors open. 
One of the attackers held a large knife to Sanet’s throat before grabbing their cellphones and running away. Jan managed to get out of the vehicle, and chased after the man. Before he could get anywhere, he was ambushed and assaulted with a knuckleduster. His nose was broken, and he sustained cuts to his ear, hand, and arm. Sanet assisted Jan and managed to find a traffic officer who was kind enough to borrow them her phone to call for help. AfriForum Buurtwag, Rustenburg Police and the mounted unit attended to the scene speedily. The mounted unit also searched for the attackers, but they were long gone. 
All this was happening while bystanders were just going about their daily business - no one even attempted to assist. As per usual, there were also no eyewitnesses… 
Has the community decided to give up and let the tsotsis run havoc in the CBD? You don’t have to get involved but at lease try to call for help or have people grown accustomed to see others being robbed and assaulted on the streets? Has this become our new normal? Jan and Sanet would like to thank the Rustenburg police for their swift response as well as members of AfriForum Buurtwag Rustenburg who rushed to their aid. A case has been opened at the Rustenburg police station.

Jan Erasmus’s nose was broken, and he sustained various injuries after he was assaulted in the CBD.


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