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11 January 2021

Rustenburg – The Rustenburg Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) aims to serve and protect all animals, to uplift their welfare and to ensure that the protection they have under South African law is upheld and respected.

Our local SPCA is a non-profit organisation that covers a vast area which includes large, impoverished areas. The SPCA’s people must always be proactive, respond to reports of cruelty, neglect or abuse and react to emergencies involving animals.

The festive season is especially difficult for them as countless pets are handed over, abandoned, or found as strays after the new years’ firecrackers. In addition to the increased intake, they also have fuel, municipal costs, salaries, and veterinary accounts that must be paid.

The Rustenburg SPCA takes in hundreds of animals per month and without this SPCA, the lost, abandoned, unwanted, and abused animals would have nowhere to go. The solution is meaningful support.


  • Sponsor a kennel for only R200 a month.
  • Donate.
  • Volunteer.
  • Adopt from the SPCA.

Their success depends entirely on the support they receive from the community. The closest neighbouring SPCA is some 200kms away and therefore Rustenburg cannot afford to lose their SPCA. The SPCA can survives or close its doors as a direct result of the extent (or lack of) community support.

For more information contact Rustenburg SPCA office on 014 592 3181 or

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