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19 January 2021

Rustenburg – The beginning of the 2021 school term is right around the corner.

Every year social media is flooded with photos of youngsters returning – dressed to impress in their uniforms flaunting their new school stationary and even a few photos where the school bag is almost bigger than the excited Grade 1 learner.

Last year was especially hard and with so many parents losing their source of income, they don’t have the means to make sure that their kids can start the year off with brand new schoolbags or stationery. In some instances, children have no choice but to start their year by packing their schools supplies in plastic bags.

The organisation Help 4 Souls hopes to be able to assist these children with much needed school supplies. To enable them to do this, they need the assistance of the community. Any donations of school bags and stationery is welcomed and will be handed over to learners identified by the schools. Help 4 Souls is a nationwide registered non-profit organisation and can issue a Section 18A certificate if needed.

If you would like to donate towards this project of for more information, contact Natalie Grant on 071 270 0297.

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