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02 December 2020

Rustenburg – It is that time of year that all children are looking forward to. As teachers and parents this is the perfect opportunity to motivate children to use their letter writing or drawing skills to make wishes come true.

Platinum Weekly has arranged a free bulk courier to the ‘north pole’ to take the children’s letters to Santa on Friday 11 December. Remember to include contact details as four letters will be gifted with a Bee Merry Christmas hamper produced locally by Carin Moffatt as well as other prises. Do not let Christmas pass without making full use of this opportunity.

Use the green post box at 50 Marais Street, Rustenburg, to post your letters or WhatsApp a photograph of the letter to 081 437 5640. 

Four Bee Merry Christmas packs and other gifts are waiting to be won. Carin Moffatt’s products are made from the finest bee’s wax and propolis. Contact her on 072 785 0878.


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