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20 November 2020

South Africa – The Department of Basic Education (DBE) said they will leave no stone unturned in their investigations to establish how a matric mathematics examination paper was leaked. The department became aware of the leak a few hours before learners were due to sit for the final examination on Monday 16 November.   

“The origins of the leak are not yet clear but the matric candidates who had access to the question paper appear to be located in the Limpopo and Gauteng provinces,” the DBE said in a statement. “The department verified the content of the question paper and found it to be the same as the one that was to be written at 09:00 am.”

Umalusi, the council for quality assurance in general and further education and training, and the DBE are investigating the matter to determine whether a rewrite is necessary. Preliminary findings indicate that the leak could be confined to a few learners from the Limpopo and Gauteng provinces.

“The department will enlist the support of the law enforcement agencies to assist with the investigation… An appeal is made to all candidates to remain focused on the examination papers and be assured that the culprits that are at the centre of this despicable act will be dealt with harshly. The department remains committed to ensuring the credibility and integrity of this important public examination,” the statement concluded.

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