Headline News
23 October 2020

Rustenburg – A scorching heatwave and fierce fires raged across the country on Monday 19 October. Local farmers on the Swartruggens road also had their work cut out for them, trying to stop a fire that was fuelled by strong winds. At around seven o'clock on Monday evening the fire was eventually under control.  

It is still unclear if the fires were started deliberately – like in other parts of the country - but the extreme heat and strong winds definitely contributed to the spread of the fire. The local farming community pulled together. Their quick response and strategy made quick headway in what appeared to be an impossible task. A big thank you for their selfless and immediate help.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Free State farmers who suffered huge losses in the devastating fires.

A cloud of smoke covered the area as volunteers worked to bring the fire under control.


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