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25 September 2020

Rustenburg – Impala Rustenburg launched an inspiring Go-Green initiative this month with the planting of 100 indigenous trees around its tailings dam facility. The company also hosted its first virtual spring run on Saturday 5 September to raise awareness in the community about its ongoing Go-Green initiative.

Impala chief executive Mark Munroe says the initiative was led by the company’s general managers who each planted a hardy karee, white stinkwood or weeping boer-bean tree at the facility. It received wide support from employees who took up the opportunity to sponsor some of the trees.

“The tree planting is an excellent project,” says Munroe. “It has invigorated our team to continue our efforts to reduce Impala’s carbon footprint and build a sustainable environment.”

Impala’s Go-Green initiative involves planting trees to improve air quality, using solar power to make power consumption more efficient and drawing excess water from the tailings dam to reduce water consumption.

The spring run succeeded in promoting the initiative through the participation of a great number of employees, members of the local community and even people abroad. This has prepared the way for the planting of another 150 trees at the Impala Rustenburg operation and local schools this month.

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Impala is going green.


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