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18 September 2020

SA – To all fellow jobseekers out there… be warned!

I almost fell victim to a job scam on Tuesday 15 September. I found an email address for a local mine where I could apply for vacancies available. I excitedly submitted my CV. After a few days, I phoned the number that was listed with the email address to find out if they received my CV.

A man answered the phone and told me that they indeed did receive my CV and invited me for an interview the following day. He informed me that I will have an interview with the manager and that he will send me the location. Later he sent me medical forms to fill in, which I did. I was instructed to send the completed forms via WhatsApp and he gave me another email address where I needed to send the forms.

The next day I phoned him to find out what the location was as I had not yet received it. He remarked bringing a drink with and I offered to bring him a Coke. He then asked me if I know what a Coke costs and I jokingly asked how much. I was shocked when he told me R1,200.

This is when I suspected that something was not right and requested him to send me the details of the manager that I will have the interview with.

Later, another person phoned me and informed me that he is the manager and that I will have to pay over R1,560 to secure the job. He also wanted to know what my physical address was and when I asked why, he dropped the phone.

At that moment I realised that it was a scam.

I googled the company where I ‘applied’ and their recruitment agent informed me that they are investigating these scams and for that reason, they only take online CV submissions. The worst part is that for a moment I was desperate enough to almost pay over the money. I desperately need a job.

I am also very worried that I filled in all the forms which means that they have access to all my personal information.

There are so many others like me that might fall victim to these scam artists so I would like to urge all jobseekers to trust your gut and do your research. A simple internet search can show you if a company exists. If something is too good to be true… it usually is. No company will ever require you to make any payments at any point in the recruitment process. Ever!


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