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18 September 2020

Rustenburg – If you were intending to cool off in any of the public swimming pools during September, you will have to put your plans on hold… for now.

According to Rustenburg Local Municipality (RLM), all public swimming pools will only be open for use by community members after undergoing thorough health assessments. Usually, the opening of public swimming pools coincides with the beginning of spring each year.  

However, RLM spokesperson David Magae pointed out that the local government body has adopted a very cautious and measured approach this time around because of the threat being posed by COVID-19. “The RLM will communicate officially to residents when the facilities will be opened. With the advent of COVID-19, there are extra health precautions that need to be considered before the facilities can be opened for public use. At all times, the municipality needs to ensure that all its operations comply with the gazetted regulations. As such, we would not want to rush into opening the swimming pools, without having assessed the requirements in relation to the regulations as well as the health of our people which is of paramount importance.”

All public swimming pools are still closed.  


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