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11 September 2020

Spring is here! On Tuesday 22 September, the Southern Hemisphere spring will officially begin. Since the beginning of September, however, most of us have been soaking in the sun, watering the garden, and packing away those winter jackets to prepare for the warm weather. Platinum Weekly caught up with some of our readers to hear what they will be up to this spring.    

“I am very happy that winter has passed. I will make some time to enjoy the sun.”
Anja Venter
“For me, this time is about exercising and enjoying outdoor activities. I like to hit the road and break away for weekends when it is warmer. I go to places like Johannesburg and Durban.”
Tiffany Pace
“For me, spring is like a new beginning. Flowers are blooming and even the air seems to come to life. I plan to plant some trees and refresh my garden.”
Neo Lekota
“I like exercising during this period by taking daily walks. Walking between five to eight kilometres every day, enjoying the outdoors will be number 1 on my list of activities this spring.” 
Leon Loots
“I thought that my plans for spring would be disrupted by COVID-19. However, now that Sun City is open, I plan on going to the resort to relax and have some fun."
Nelio Nhacuangue

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