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28 August 2020

Rustenburg – Impala Rustenburg socioeconomic development manager Kwena Mmeti was recently interviewed on Radio Mafisa, 28 August, – to celebrate Women’s Month and to talk about her journey which led her to a career in the mining industry.

She was first introduced to the mining industry in the final year of her BCom degree at the University of Pretoria when she was informed by her lecturer that there were positions available for trainee accountants at Impala Rustenburg. After a few years in the position, Kwena was appointed socioeconomic development manager at Impala Rustenburg.

“When I joined the company, I was intrigued by the endless opportunities available for a finance graduate. If you are willing to learn, the company affords its employees opportunities for exposure in different areas of the company,” says Kwena.

She believes that one of the biggest challenges facing women in the mining industry is patriarchal attitudes and systems. Commenting on her personal experience, Kwena says: “For a very long time I was the only woman in the finance team at a management accountant level across the company. Whenever we employed new graduates, I made sure we employed female candidates and part of my responsibility then became on-the-job training.”

She advises women to start building their own support systems and believes that women will be in a better position to challenge the male-centred societal norms entrenched in the industry if they are empowered to succeed. Her advice to women who wish to excel in the mining industry is to set yourself apart, be a unique and dependable person, be decisive and willing to make difficult decisions and be willing to learn from everyone you cross paths with.

“It is important to offer excellence in service and do everything as if it’s the only thing you have to do. Respect all people, irrespective of the level of seniority,” adds Kwena.

Rustenburg Impala press release extracts

Impala Rustenburg socioeconomic development manager Kwena Mmeti.


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