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10 July 2020

South Africa – While the national focus is on COVID-19, gender-based violence and children returning to school – other crimes such as farm attacks and murders get less attention. In Brits alone, two farm attacks occurred in a matter of hours.

In the first incident a father, his two children and a family member were attacked on their smallholding Kareepoort on the evening of Friday 3 July. The four attackers, two armed with pistols and one armed with a rifle burst through the door and tied up the victims while they ransacked the house. The father and son were assaulted. Unfortunately, the family dog was shot and killed during the attack. The suspects fled the scene with various electrical items and cellphones. One of the children managed to escape and ran to go and get help.

According to police spokesperson colonel Adele Myburgh, a case of house robbery is being investigated.

In the second attack (not later than 2 hours), a farm worker was held at gunpoint in her house on the farm Kleinfontein by four men. The victim was robbed, and the suspects fled the scene with a cellphone and cash. According to police spokesperson lieutenant colonel Amanda Funani, a case of house robbery is being investigated.

The community was outraged and gathered in masses to search for the suspects. They managed to catch one of the attackers and he was subsequently arrested.

Brits have been hit hard by an increase in attacks as of late. Platinum Weekly reported on 3 July about another couple who was attacked on their plot Roodekopjes near Brits. On 27 June farm workers on the farm Klipkop near Brits were also attacked by a group of men.

Farm attacks in the rest of the country, 1 – 8 July

  • Colenso, KwaZulu-Natal – A man was assaulted with a firearm by three attackers on his farm in the Colenso area on 30 June.
  • Cullinan, Gauteng – A 22-year old farmworker was shot dead after he and his co-workers were attacked on the farm in the De Wagensdrift area on 1 July.
  • Zastron, Freestate – An elderly woman was seriously injured after she was attacked and kidnapped on her farm on 3 July.
  • Lanseria, Gauteng – A man was shot during an attack on him and his wife on their plot on 3 July.
  • Nuy-vallei, Western Cape – A famous singer and songwriter was shot dead during an attack on his farm on 3 July.
  • Weenen, KwaZulu-Natal – A 26-year old, pregnant mother of two’s throat was slit when they were attacked on their farm on 4 July.
  • Grootvlei, Gauteng – A woman was killed, and her husband seriously injured during an attack on 5 July.

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