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06 May 2020

Rustenburg – Though fraught with many challenges and dangers, the gruelling 1,749km journey from Bakubung Bush Lodge near Rustenburg to Cape Town brought a sense of achievement and a reason to smile to the 18 participants of this year’s Charity Cycle Tour.

The journey, which began on Thursday 27 February and ended on 5 March, succeeded in raising more than R300,000 for disadvantaged communities.

“The money was donated towards children’s charities and educational initiatives in the North West, Northern Cape and Western Cape provinces,” Julandé Maré, one of the organisers of this annual challenge, told Platinum Weekly.

Maré – who travelled with the cyclists throughout the journey and has been involved in the charity initiative for the past 18 years – described the experience as a test of endurance and character for those who participated. “The journey was very challenging, with a total of 46 hours riding time for the whole week. The cyclists spent approximately 6 hours a day on the saddle, with an average speed of 35.4km per hour over the entire distance. They had to dig deep to find the physical, emotional and mental strength to stay focused at all times. The team was pushed to the edge and woke up as early as 4:30 on certain mornings to resume their journey. They wore reflective gear as well as front and rear lights to assure full visibility and safety on the road,” she said.

Flat tyres along the way as well as having to deal with the harsh elements of the open road were some of the challenges that cyclists had to deal with and overcome.

The group of cyclists when they arrived in Cape Town.
Not even the harsh elements of weather failed to stop the determined cyclists.


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