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20 March 2020

Rustenburg – BirdLife Rustenburg had their annual general meeting (AGM) on Wednesday 19 February. 

The main agenda of the meeting was electing a new committee. Well done to Shaun McGillewie (chairman), Helen Badenhorst, Charles Foot, Hanti Mathews, Annemarie Odendaal, Sarie Oosthuizen, Estie van der Merwe and Heinrich Nel, who were elected to serve on the committee during 2020.

Members who achieved a birding live list milestone also received badges as recognition. 
Gerda Welman, Estie van der Merwe and Ian White have lists of 700 bird species seen in Southern Africa. 

Sarel van der Westhuizen has a list of 550 while Annemarie Odendaal and Hanti Mathews have a list of 500 birds. 

Alma Rabe, Eli and Sarie Oosthuizen and John Odendaal 400 birds, Bernard Tabane and George Mathews 300 respectively.

BirdLife Rustenburg is a very active bird club which meets on the third Monday of every month with an outing scheduled for the following Saturday. 

For more information about BirdLife Rustenburg, contact chairperson Shaun McGillewie on 083 702 1462 or Charles Foot on 073452 3874. 

Rustenburg BirdLife committee 2020 from left: Sarie Oosthuizen, Annemarie Odendaal, Estie van der Merwe, Helen Badenhorst, Shaun McGillewie, Charles Foot, Hanti Mathews. Heinrich Nel was absent.
BirdLife Rustenburg Birding life list badges presentation from left: George Mathews (300), Hanti Mathews (500), Estie van der Merwe (700), Eli and Sarie Oosthuizen (400), Alma Rabe (400) and Annemarie Odendaal (500).


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