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07 February 2020

Rustenburg – A ruthless criminal, who was previously sentenced to life imprisonment, but released on parole, is once again behind bars, after raping his 10-year old niece.

The 45-year old man, who had been jailed for life after committing murder and fraud, was granted parole in August 2015.

He was arrested a year later over allegations of raping a minor. 
Police spokesperson captain Elsabé Augoustides said the suspect started sexually grooming the girl in 2016. 

“He took photos exposing the upper part of her body. Later, he took photos of her posing naked and made video recordings of her doing sexual acts,” she said.

The sexual exploitation continued for almost six months, until the victim notified her elder sister.  

“The police were alerted, and the man was subsequently arrested,” she added. 

After numerous court appearances, he was found guilty on one count of rape, two counts of attempting to commit a sexual offence and three counts of sexual assault.   

The Rustenburg Regional Court sentenced him to a life term for rape and an additional five years for the other crimes on Wednesday 22 January.  

The sentences will run concurrently. 

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